Zurück zur Startseite Ein Blick in die Karte des Chimú ist wie eine Reise durch den Süden des amerikanischen Kontinents!
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Speisen vom anderen Ende der Welt

Sharing a look in the Chimú’s menu is like sharing a trip through South America .

Meals From the New World

The restaurant is named after the Chimú (1200 to 1470) a tribe of Peruvian Indians, which was gifted with handcrafting talents.

Dedicated to their lifestyle and their abilities the restaurant is designed with natural materials, which create an outstanding atmosphere.

The genuine cooking style, prepared by a crew working together for years, offers a lively and tasty impression of South America to our guests …

Chilean Sweet corn Pastry (Pastel de Choclo), Lomo Chimú, raw marinated fish filet (Ceviche) or Turkey with Chocolate Sauce (Mole Poblano)

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