Restaurante CHIMÚ Sudamericano solamente una cuestión gusto!
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Our Tapas, served only at the long Tapas
Bar, are prepared with the same quality as
all our products. We stick to a more than
25 years old concept! We do and will
never use any convenience products. This
might lead to delays, even for Guacamole
(the avocado dip) – please offer your time
to us so we can offer better quality to you.
(do not apply during fairs and events)
Our regular kitchen starts at 18h.

Jaime O. Guzmán ....el Bueno

Welcome to the Chimú website. You’ll get to know everything about our restaurant and both our tapas and cocktail bar in Hannover in just a few clicks.

Make up your mind and share a visit. We’d love to comfort you with our genuine South American cooking style, the first-class cocktails and our terrific wines.


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